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B.iLHAN Global Industrial, Trade & Financial Investments, R & D, Consultancy...

Foundation Year : 2000
Activity Field :  Int’l /Global Investments, R&D, Consultancy..
E-Mail :  b.invest@bilhangroup.com
URL : http://www.bilhanglobal.com

Our consultancy company named B.iLHAN Global Investments which has the same name with B.iLHAN Group of Companies ;

Has been established as the base of all group of our companies under Investment Support Group on Millenium 2000. To be determined the best strategy for the market to which our domestic and foreign clients are planning to enter for increasing their investments,

–  For international companies who want to bring their investments or plants to Turkiye, at domestic & neighbour country markets…
–  For international companies with domestic investment who want to make investments or open a new branch, at outside markets to which they’ll access…
provides investment advisory services which oriented to ensure necessary integration.
*  To be analysed of the factors who affect the competition as accurate and comprehensive,
*  To follow-up & be analysed of the sectorel developments,
*  To lead getting the public permissions which needed to establish a domestic company,
*  During determination of trade policies cycles, economical, legal and tactical decisons for the constitution of an investment project,
take a part needed information.

For this aim, B.iLHAN Group of Companies hold a place at most of internal and outside projects, R&D studies with scientific institutes like universities and strategic partnerships.